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Domain name can get you ranking too!


Your domain name is the identity of your website, the identity through which the world and your niche recognizes it. So having a strong domain name will mean having a strong identity. To have a strong domain name, your domain name should include a keyword phrase that you want and need to rank for. Actually, if you can get multiple keywords in the domain name, it is even better.

Do some keyword research in your chosen niche and find a keyword phrase that has meaning for the niche. By that I mean if your site is about hemorrhoid pain, try to have the keywords "hemorrhoid pain" in the domain name. For more information outsource web designing and innovative outsource web designing.

Domain Name RankingThis way, Google and all the other searchers will immediately know what your site is about! Having your keyword in the domain name has enough SEO benefits to be considered vital!

But, sometimes finding an available keyword rich name can be kind of tricky and will require a lot of research.

You want the shortest, most logical keyword term you can get. Start with the broadest terms you can, and slowly go longer and longer tail until you find the sweet spot of a meaningful keyword. One that is still available as a domain name - with few enough competing sites that you have a good chance of fairly rapid ranking.

You are going to be doing a lot of work to promote your site, and you want all that work to count towards getting ranked for your various short tail niche keywords - as well as the longer tail ones - so it would be worth your while to try to get as many keywords in your domain name as possible.

There is a trade off: shorter is better. Shorter keywords will tend to get more natural search traffic as people will just automatically type them in. Plus, with a shorter domain name it is easier for people to remember your site, and a shorter address is easier to type in to the browser without making mistakes.

The idea is to try to structure your domain to be as short as possible, but still have several keyword variations. For example in our "hemorrhoid pain" niche, we could use the keyword rich domain name ""

Anyone, including Google that sees the name of the site: "", knows immediately that it is about hemorrhoid pain relief.

If the site had been named something like "" that might be readily available and an easy name to find - but its subject matter would not be so obvious to Google or to internet searchers and consequently it would get little or no natural traffic. Plus with such an obscure name it would be much harder to get ranked.

Google really likes domains with an exact match keyword. A miscellaneous name like could be about anything. Plus a keyword rich name like "" offers several keyword combinations "Severe Hemorrhoid Pain Relief," "Severe Hemorrhoid Pain,"  "Hemorrhoid Pain," "Hemorrhoid Pain Relief," and even "Pain Relief" and "Hemorrhoid".

As you build pages, write articles and get links etc. to your site - you can reasonably expect to get rankings for all of the various keyword combinations. It may take a bit of time and burn a few brain cells, but the more effort you put into getting a logical - keyword rich but as short as possible – domain name, the better off you will be.


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