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What is Joomla SEO You want to Setting up your Joomla SEO STRATEGY?


As I mentioned earlier you have to do some work on your Joomla! Site to improve its ranking, but wher do you start? Baby steps will not take you where you want to go. You really need some kind of a game plan to help you out.

First you need to make some basic improvements to your Joomla! Web site to eliminate some of the basic flows in SEO for joomla 1.5. We will then dive into keyword research, which is an essential part of your SEO process. Without targeting the keywords that people are actually searching for, you cannot take the next step.

This is when you build your SEO strategy. You con not do everything at once when you want to get your site up in the search engines. You have to choose where you are going to spend your time and optimization efforts.


Keyword Research

Create a small list of what you intend to do first, second, and so on. Here is a list fo give you some idea:


Brainstorm and get relevant keywords
Set up the Joomla! SEO basics and global configuration settings
Install the joomlatwork SEF Patch
Install and configure sh404SEF
Optimize robots.txt and .htaccess
Install a counter and analytics tool
Structure or restructure the site based on keywordes 
Write and rewrite the content of the pages
Optmize your images and page loading speed
Start building incoming links

The technical requirements can be implemented very fast, and getting it to work will just take a few hours. The brainstorming and keyword research takes a lot more time and effort. However, you need to know with way to go with your web site, so keywords are essential.

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For your site it could be that you already optimized a lot of things and you just have to move articles and categories around to improve the usability and theme of the site. You might feel that you have enough content and you can start building incoming links.

At the end of reading of full article of above link you will have figured out a good game plan for your SEO. Also once you have finished reading this full article of above link you have covered the most important aspects of improving your web site to have a better visibility in the search engines.






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