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How pages are optimized and constructed with the help of title tag  


E-commerce Web DevelopmentThe first and most important factor of everything you do with how your page is Structured is your title tag – the title of your web page, that html tag called the title tag. If you look at a web browser it is what shows across the top of the web browser itself when you go to any web page on the internet.

And of all the things people have tried, and all the tests that search engine experts and other people have tested and tweaked and massaged and monitored, the title tag is consistently one of the most important factors for search engine optimization, and it does not seem like it is going to be going away, and it does not seem like there is any reason to, because the title of a web page on the internet really does have a lot to say about what it’s about and what it contains.

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So the title tag is the most important thing. That is what we need to focus on first when it comes to optimizing any of our pages. The title tag itself should be about 65 characters in maximum length – that is kind of the range most people find that works well – 65 to 70. So that’s how long it needs to be, and the focus is on the title itself being the most important factor of the page.

Some people say that as long as you have your keyword phrase, that you are targeting to rank high for, kind of anywhere in the title it is ok. Well other experts have found that if you have the keyword title to start the tag that you’re better off. So there is evidence that shows it both ways, but I think more people in the SEO community really lean towards it having more weight if it is in the beginning, because that’s kind of what’s scanned first when it come to a certain type of process from a computer that’s trying to determine relevance of something.

And so whatever the keyword is that you’re targeting for your title, start with it. And the other great thing is to include your brand name, the name of your site, your company, anything specific to kind of your business and your site, towards the back-end of your title.


Example of Title Tag: Best Web Designing Company | Web Art Pakistan 

Here’s kind of an example of what it can look like: ‘Best Web Designing Company’, and then at the end you have your company name, I just made that up: ‘Web Art Pakistan’ – that may be actually a real company – wasn’t intending to talk about anyone in particular.

But notice the little vertical bar between the keyword area and the brand or the company. It’s a funny little character but it is called a pipe. A lot of SEO folks have found that that seems to work really well and it’s a good divider between the keywords and a site name, that somehow the search engine spiders and the process of how Google ranks pages can kind of determine with that pipe that that a separation of ideas or concept.

Don not asks me how it works, but people have found that it works, so we are going to go with what works. I have used it – it works fine, and so you should use it too,

Nadir Shah Punjani is a search engine optimization specialist with over 5 years experience. For more information, visit his site Web Designing Pakistan or his newest site SEO COMPANY PAKISTAN

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