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Other Ways to Make Money Online? Get Adsense.


Online MarketingIf you build an authority site - you aren't going to be making any television sales on the research type pages, but you CAN still make money! You can cash in with Adsense or with CPA offers!

Adsense is like the paid ads that you see on the search results pages. On the SERPs pages, advertisers are paying Google every time someone clicks on their ad. In the case of Adsense, rather than on the SERPs pages the ads are on YOUR site. For allowing them to run ads, Google pays you a portion of the fee they get from the advertisers. For more information outsource web designing and innovative outsource web designing.

CPA offers can be thought of as basically the same sort of thing. CPA offers use other advertising networks besides Google. In the case of CPA offers, the person clicking the ad usually has to do something - some action. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. They may have to buy something, fill in a coupon, leave their zip code, etc.

This income (from Adsense and CPA offers) is in addition to any television sales made on the buying pages.

Let's assume you are a television merchant, why would you bother with building a site with Adsense and CPA offers? The idea is if someone is searching for information and they come to your site - as long as you are giving them the information they need, they will continue through YOUR information funnel until they get to the buying keywords.

If you didn't have any of the research information, they would find it elsewhere. Usually through your competition's site. If they continue all the way through YOUR research funnel and buy a set - you are golden!

But, what if they don't find what they wanted on your site? What if they want a model you don't carry - or your articles don't quite answer their questions? If they click away, they are gone forever and you get nothing!

By having Adsense and CPA offers available, rather than simply clicking away, there is a good chance that they will click on one of the Adsense or CPA ads and you will still get paid! You won't get much, but it is a good way to get money from a site visitor that would have been completely lost otherwise!

The downside to this monetization model is that to make any money, you need a lot of traffic. It's all a numbers game, more eyeballs seeing the ads means more people will click on them. All of this is a roundabout way of saying we need to have rankings for shorter tail keywords - with their associated higher traffic levels. Compared to a buyer keyword like "how to get intense hemorrhoid pain relief" consider that the broader research phrase "hemorrhoid pain" has 3,240,000 searches a month! With a 1% click through rate on Adsense, you could possibly get 32,400 clicks!

Obviously you aren't going to get all 3,240,000 people to go to your site, but I'm sure you get the idea - with the shorter tail keywords, you can make pretty good money with Adsense clicks

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