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Punjani’s Top Ten Tips for Web Traffic

Let’s start at the beginning

Web Marketing Tip 1
Use a reputable host NOT a cheap one – research is needed here and there are many reasons for this, Try Web Art Pakistan (www.webartpakistan.com) Search engines Do monitor downtime, sharing hosting with banned sites, and site opening speed

Tip 2
Remember you are serving people not the engines, so content Must be valuable and helpful.

Tip 3
People will eventually be responsible for your increased traffic no matter what angle you consider

Tip 4
Make sure your content is related (closely) to whatever you are promoting and ensure it’s of Good quality NOT just OK (read that again)

Tip 5
Learn about bookmaking and web 2.0 sites like:

  1. weebly.com
  2. squidoo.com
  3. hubpages.com
  4. wetpaint.com

Tip 6
Take your time – whatever you do is going to be around for a long time so make it good the first time and do it properly. Forget the short cuts, they lead to frustration.

Tip 7
Study the experts (marketing and seo) who are already successful. Not those who boast their success but not trusted  

Trusted experts are like John Reese, Bruce Clay, Ray Baker etc.

Tip 8
Make sure all you do is legal and socially acceptable and is a contribution.

Tip 9
Plan your steps and try www.buble.us for a planning flow charts

Tip 10

Learn , study , Practice . Put aside 30 minutes a day if you’re serious about increasing website traffic and read relevant material – be selective
  Assignments tips for students  


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